Entertainment metal wall art is probably one of the most durable decor items you can get for your home. Other than high humidity and, of course, frequently dropping these pieces, there is little you can do to damage them. The pieces are designed to last a lifetime.
Entertainment Metal Wall Art is a unique art form that makes a focal point unlike any other. From the finishes to the crispness only metal wall art can provide that. These pieces are breathtaking. You can choose the same material and/or theme for the items, you can rearrange them to create an original look.
The DNA of our design and engineering also lie in confidence of our inhouse manufacturing processes.
Know-how is the heart of our company: thanks to it, all our designs take shape and come to life, from a craftsmanship vocation that is continuously cultivated and refined. Through our designs, we continuously search versatility and the chance to find a perfect solution for our valued customers.
Each of UrbanStudio’s design transforms with brand new and continuously tested materials, colors and finishes.