The world-famous Monalisa smile is here to make you smile. Having the closest possible to our interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa.

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Recycled Aluminium with G.I and MildSteel accessories


Custom-designed Aluminium profile

Product finish

Powdercoated in Sahara Texture Finish

Mount Type



Pre-assembled WallArt


Hanging bracket to be mounted first and then the ‘Vector’ WallArt

Product dimensions

424 x 514 x 50 mm (Width x Height x Thickness)

Package dimensions

460 x 550 x 75 mm (Width x Height x Thickness)

Artwork dimensions

400 x 490 mm (Width x Height)


3 ply corrugated mailer box outer packing / bubble wrap

Hanging guide

Easy to hang. Product stands 2mm away from the wall

Product weight

4.7 Kgs

Package content

1. 1 ‘Vector’ WallArt
2. 1 no. hanging bracket
3. 6 no.s M4 CSK screws
4. 6 no.s PVC screw grip
5. 1 hanging guide booklet
6. 1 no. full-scale paper template to locate the WallArt

1. Wipe with a clean cloth wrung in water or in a solution of water and a neutral detergent.
2. Remove soap residue immediately using a clean, dry cloth. Avoid using scouring cream or scouring pads, as they may scratch the surface
3. The lifespan of your WALL ART will vary depending on the weather and type of use.
4. We recommend that it is stored in a dry, ventilated place during all weather conditions and protected against scratches and bumps.
5. Wipe off the frame and surface if it becomes wet after extensive water contact as this may damage the surface over time and leave stains on the surface.


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