Our range of Animal Metal Wall Art gallery is curated with the idea of capturing the hidden aesthetics of nature and converting its stunning visual into Lasting Metal wall art, featuring the beauty of the outdoors in your home, Log Cabin, Business room or Mud room.
The animal wall art gallery consists of a variety of designs with Tiger, Oryx, Horse, Lion Metal Wall Art.
To hang the wall art, locate the point or points where it can be hung straight, then secure it firmly. With steel nails, you can hang the wall art anywhere inside the house, from the living room to the bathroom to the staircase wall.
It does not matter whether you hang the art outdoors or indoors under constant direct sunlight; they will last much longer than other kinds of art!
The DNA of our design and engineering also lie in confidence of our inhouse manufacturing processes while maintaining the safety and sustainability
Know-how is the heart of our company: thanks to it, all our designs take shape and come to life, from a craftsmanship vocation that is continuously cultivated and refined. Through our designs, we continuously search versatility and the chance to find a perfect solution for our valued customers.
Each of UrbanStudio’s design transforms with brand new and continuously tested materials, colors and finishes.