Abstract metal wall art, a contemporary substitute to traditional canvas and prints, enhancing the look of any decor. Adding metal art to any wall can add a touch of elegance and sophistication that makes it seem equally grand and laidback.

As designers and creators of absolute unique abstract designs, we find inspiration for our work in art that illustrates serendipity. Our abstract metal wall art gallery is curated of Dune, Grid wave, Shadow, Pixels, Illusions and ZBR metal wall art.

Industrial capacity and advanced technologies are our strength, while design is our soul and what really makes us stand out in the market. The DNA of our design and engineering also lie in confidence of our inhouse manufacturing processes while maintaining safety and sustainability.
Know-how is the heart of our company: thanks to it, all our designs take shape and come to life, from a craftsmanship vocation that is continuously cultivated and refined. Through our designs, we continuously search versatility and the chance to find a perfect solution for our valued customers.
Each of UrbanStudio’s design transforms with brand new and continuously tested materials, colors and finishes.